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Amsterdam, B. Aygul

At the end of 2016, I was involved in an accident. As I were biking, I was hit by a scooter. Even though the opposite party had a big part in the happening, they kept blaming me and didn’t apologize to me. This made me quite upset and as a result I decided to seek legal advice. I asked on a Facebook group if there was any place where they would refer me. This is how I found Letsel Advies. 
Upon my arrival to the offices in Amsterdam, I learnt that Fikrie Karaahmedova would be my representative. I was happy she speaks English. It might not sound like such a big deal at first glance, however it made a tremendous effect on me as my contact person was doing everything in her possibility in order to make my experience pleasant. She didn’t expect me to comply with her but she complied with me. 
Not only that which has built a trust between me and my representative, she made sure that I understood everything in the process as this was my first time and was available to respond to me whenever I needed her. Even though I slacked and was late with producing details of my file, she has not forgotten and pushed me on the right track. So, basically she really was wonderful. I would definitely advice her and Letsel Advies had anyone would be in an accident. I am not even mentioning the financial compensation I am set to receive is beyond my expectation. 
Hereby, I would like to thank Fikrie and Letsel Advies for helping me throughout my process. I am one happy camper.

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